About Us

The Campaign for Immigrant Detention Reform (CIDR) is fighting against inhumane detention of immigrants in Northern California. CIDR is composed of a number of civil- and immigrants’-rights groups primarily in the Northern California region.

Our Work

  • We seek to end the isolation and abuse of people in immigration detention through visitation programs.
  • We monitor and evaluate places of immigration detention.
  • We gather and keep updated information on detention practices.
  • We raise awareness on the detrimental consequences of detention.
  • Identify and support initiatives to ameliorate conditions of detention, in coordination with relevant stakeholders.
  • We promote and advocate for alternative accompaniment programs to build effective and humane pathways away from our punitive immigration detention system.
  • We are a campaign striving to be guided by the experiences and leadership of those who are or have been on the inside.

Mission Statement

(What we want to do NOW)

  • End immigration detention
  • Promote justice by defending and advancing the rights of people in immigration detention through advocacy, community education, and awareness raising
  • Mitigate and respond to the harms associated with immigration detention by meeting the immediate needs of those in immigration detention who are subject to punitive and unjust conditions in the facilities where they are incarcerated.
  • Promote community-initiated alternatives to detention run by community groups and nonprofits.

Vision Statement

(What we want to do in the FUTURE)

  • Advocate for ending the unjust detention of immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees.
  • Provide ongoing support of our immigrant neighbors in detention in Northern California.
  • Advocate for an end to the unjust detention of immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees through collaboration with individuals, communities, organizations and social justice movements on a local, state, and national level.
  • Work to end unconstitutional prolonged immigration detention without any right to a bond hearing
  • Promote alternatives to detention through community support