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Sacramento Immigration Coalition, Campaign for Immigrant Detention Reform Decry Trump Administration’s Proposed Asylum Rule

(SACRAMENTO, CA, 7/15/20) – The Sacramento Immigration Coalition (SIC) and the Campaign for Immigrant Detention Reform (CIDR) today decried the Trump administration’s proposed rule that would further restrict the number of those granted asylum in the United States.

Public comment on the rule is due today, and more than 56,000 people have commented thus far.

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SIC Chair Janeth Rodriguez said in a statement:

“This proposed rule endangers countless lives. Asylum seekers come here fleeing horrific conditions, persecution and violence, and this rule would prevent people from being granted life-saving asylum. We cannot allow this to pass.”

CIDR co-founder Rhonda Rios Kravitz, who is also a member of SIC, said in a statement:

“This devastating regulation will dismantle nearly all of our asylum laws and destroy our commitment to provide a safe haven to those fleeing persecution. As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states: ‘Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.’ This rule is simply a pretext to destroy asylum in the U.S. It is critical to speak out against this rule as the Trump administration continues to target immigrants and communities of color and separate families.” 

The Sacramento Immigration Coalition is a network of individual organizations that meet to share ideas and resources and increase our presence and power to achieve the common goal of making lives better for undocumented people. Contact: 

The Campaign for Immigrant Detention Reform (CIDR) is fighting against inhumane detention of immigrants in Northern California. CIDR is composed of a number of civil- and immigrants’-rights groups primarily in the Northern California region. Contact:


Contact: Rhonda Rios Kravitz, 916-712-7169,

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