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Dreamer detained: As friends and colleagues wonder what will happen to Miguel Gonzalez-Miranda, the Yuba County jail’s ICE contract comes under fire

It used to seem like Miguel Gonzalez-Miranda was everywhere.

The multi-talented artist, musician and dancer volunteered for so many activities through the Los Rios Community College system that one could wonder if he had an identical twin. He helped host art exhibitions at the James Kaneko Gallery; he set up the digital printing equipment at Sacramento City College’s Makerspace; he took part in organizing numerous free music shows for the public; and he was a driving force in building a special campus space for American River College’s art club.

Gonzales didn’t slow down outside of school, either. His energy flowed into efforts at the city’s Brazilian Center, Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services and elsewhere.

But since mid-June, Gonzalez-Miranda hasn’t been volunteering anywhere. That’s because he has been sitting inside the Yuba County Jail on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold.

Read the whole News & Review story here.

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